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The main aim of the EUREKA project E! 3558 – Elisa was to develop a new generation of innovative electro spindles and adequate tool-lock mechanism with a wide application spectrum for different manufacturing fields, with very high rotational speed and power performances. The main technological advantage was achieved with innovative approach at model-aided prediction and design of dynamically appropriate structure of motorized spindle and tool-lock mechanism operated at very high rotational speeds. These electro spindles consist of fewer parts (easier production, maintenance and reliable operation) than traditional one and have lower production costs. The main results are developed products and prototypes of AC in EC electro spindles, operating at very high rotational speeds. The spindles are not so demanding for the production and use and consequently, they could be very competitive on the market. Basic electro spindle data are:


Rated voltage Un= 365 V
Rated current In= 26 A
Rated frequency f = 1000 Hz
Rated speed nn = 59337 RPM
Rated power Pn= 11300 W
Rated torque Mn= 1,8 Nm
Cooling    Water cooling
Temperature protection PTC 130
Tool taper HSK 63 F