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The project is based on a joint initiative of innovation centres, science and technology parks and research centres, located in various regions of the Programme area. The project partners consortium consists of six partners i.e. University of Nova Gorica the leading partner, Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A., CNR-INFM LUXOR (Padova), CNR-ISOF (Ferrara), Kontrolni sistemi d.o.o., University of Ljubljana (Biotechnical Faculty). The activities, carried out by all partners, will focus on the implementation of a cross-border cluster for the production of highly innovative light sources, and their use for non-profit Research and Development in many important science and technology fields. The highly innovative light source will be based on using a high power laser focused on a jet of gas: the interaction between the laser and the gas will generate light pulses of very short duration (tens of femtoseconds, 1 femtosecond = 10E-15 seconds), at wavelengths "harmonics", submultiple of the laser ones (in the spectral range of X-rays). The system also includes a monochromator to improve the spectral purity of the harmonic pulse and a system of optical transport and focusing of light. The apparatus ends with the experimental chamber that will house the samples to be analysed by the harmonic light, and some instruments, such as a spectrometer for analysing the light and/or particles emitted from the sample as a result of the interaction between the sample and the same harmonic pulses. The supporting construction has to be design in a way to prevent as much as possible the transfer of the vibrations from the surrounding. To provide the adequate supporting construction is the main project task of our laboratory.