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Beech wood composite structural elements (wood potential for promising forest-wood chains in slovenia)

The main purpose of the project is to investigate and develop the appropriate technology that will enable the reintegration of the hardwood material in the newly formed composite form. The next step is development of the appropriate technology enabling the spatial shaping of the formed composite elements. Robotic machining technology is seen as relatively promising. We selected three roughly comparable composite forming methods i.e. the layered tubular wrapped composite, spatially curved multilayer composite, spatially curved composite sandwich with honeycomb core. In general those composite elements can be used anywhere where there are demands for so-called lightweight structures characterized by a favorable force ratio between the payload and its own weight. Since it is very easy to integrate the artificial fibers into the composite elements, they will be used also in cases of exceptional strength requirements.



Tubular composite form Honeycomb composite plane element
Tubular composite form Honeycomb composite plane element