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University of Ljubljana
Biotechnical Faculty
Department of Wood Science and Technology
Rozna dolina, C. VIII/34
SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Laboratory of mechanical processing technology represents the core of the Chair of Mechanical processing technology at the Department of Wood Science and Wood Technology. Chair was established in 1997 with the aim to combine all of the relevant activities in the field of production technologies in a single chair. The chair has also organized a research group that works within the research program team at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Members of the research groups are involved in basic research projects, as well as in applied research and development of industrial projects. In the past was the research team focused mostly on solving technological problems in the wood industry. More recently, the research team was dedicated to solving technical and technological construction problems associated with the development of the cutting tools and CNC machine tools. In present days represent the field of flexible automation with the special emphasis on robotics of mechanical processing operations, the central R&D area of the laboratory.